Chemical Crystallography Group 2009 Autumn Meeting

Oxford Chemistry Research LaboratoryThe 2009 Autumn Meeting of the Chemical Crystallography Group will be held on Wednesday 18th November in the Chemistry Research Laboratory, South Parks Road, Oxford, UK.

As usual, the programme will start around 10.45am to allow for same day travel from far and wide (depending on your transport links).

Follow this link for programme and registration (online or post).

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World Directory of Crystallographers

The IUCr’s triennial international congresses have always been lively and cordial meetings, where many close friendships and collaborations have been forged.

The first edition of the World Directory of Crystallographers was produced in 1957, an unprecedented handbook of contact information and details of research interests tying together the community ever more closely.

Follow the link above to find crystallographers, and to update or create your own entry.

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