Below is a list of UK representatives on IUCr commissions, and a short summary of the rules of who may or may not be eligible for nomination. For a complete description of the rules, please refer to the IUCr statement on commissions. The year of election is given in brackets, where that information is readily available, and has a ‘?’ suffix if the source of information is not entirely clear. Commission members (not including consultants) may only serve for six years in a given post.


Aperiodic Crystals – U. Grimm (chair)

Crystallographic Computing – Harry Powell (chair); Clare Macrae (consultant)

Charge, Spin and Momentum Densities – L.J. Farrugia, M.J. Cooper (consultant)

Crystal Growth and Characterisation of Materials – No UK representatives

Crystallographic Teaching – No UK representatives

Crystallography in Art and Cultural Heritage – No UK members

Electron Crystallography – E. Orlova (chair); S. Haigh and A.Kirkland (consultants)

High Pressure – C. Sanloup, John Loveday (consultant)

Inorganic and Mineral Structures – M. Welch (consultant)

Mathematical and Theoretical Crystallography – No UK representatives

Powder Diffraction – Kenneth Shankland, Bill David (consultant).

Neutron Scattering – P. Radaelli

XAFS – S. Diaz-Moreno, R. Strange (consultant)

Structural Chemistry – Eleanor Pidcock

Biological Macromolecules – No UK representatives

Small Angle Scattering – No UK representatives

Synchrotron Radiation – No UK representatives

Magnetic Structures – No UK representatives