World Directory of Crystallographers

The IUCr’s triennial international congresses have always been lively and cordial meetings, where many close friendships and collaborations have been forged.

The first edition of the World Directory of Crystallographers was produced in 1957, an unprecedented handbook of contact information and details of research interests tying together the community ever more closely.

Follow the link above to find crystallographers, and to update or create your own entry.

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Message from the President

I feel deeply honoured to have been elected at the Loughborough BCA AGM to be the new President of the BCA: the first President of the Association in 1982 was Professor (later Lord) David C. Phillips, who took me on at LMB Oxford as a card carrying experimental nuclear physicist in 1987, with a view to transmuting me into a macromolecular crystallographer! However, I also find it a daunting prospect to succeed Paul Raithby. Beneath Paul’s unfailingly jovial demeanour there is efficiency and steely determination to do the best for the BCA and the profession of crystallography. Although Paul has made his name as a very creative small molecule crystallographer, he has a sympathetic understanding of other areas of crystallography. Since I started as a physicist and am now in a Biochemistry Department, I hope I can follow his example in this respect. 

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‘Crystallography Reviews’ Subscription Offer for BCA members

The Editors and Taylor & Francis have announced that members of the British Crystallographic Association will now be able to receive all four issues per year of Crystallography Reviews by taking advantage of the new special and greatly reduced Member’s Subscription rate agreed with the Association. 
Please go to and click on ‘Society Speical Offers link’ for more details.  The rate is currently £25 for issues 1-4 for this year.

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Chemical Crystallography Prize for Younger Scientists

The CCDC Chemical Crystallography Prize for Younger Scientists 2009 has been awarded to Dr Hazel Sparkes from Durham University. Hazel will be presented with the prize and will give a lecture entitled "Exploiting charge density – insights into structure, bonding and reactivity" at the BCA Spring Meeting in Loughborough (on Wednesday 22nd April, 2.30pm).

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New BCA Website

I would like to welcome you to the new BCA website,, which I hope you will find helpful and informative.  I would like to thank Sandy Blake, Simon Coles, Mike Probert, Will Bisson and particularly Richard Cooper for all the hard work they have put in setting up the site over the last few months.

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