BCA Annual General Meeting

The 2013 Annual General Meeting of the British Crystallographic Association will be held in the Arts Centre Woods Scawen Room of Warwick University at 13.00 on August 27th.


Elections for several positions on Council will be held at the AGM: Vice president; Secretary; and one ordinary member of Council.  Dave Allan, Georgina Rosair and Arwen Pearson complete their terms in office this year.

Nominations for any of these vacancies may be made by any two members and should be accompanied by the written consent of the candidate to serve if elected. Nominations must be received by the Secretary (secretary@crystallography.org.uk ) not less than 4 days before the AGM (i.e. 23rd August).

Claire Wilson (currently co-opted as acting Secretary) has been nominated by David Keen and Pamela Williams for the position of Secretary.