BCA Membership Administration

Dear Member

The BCA contract with Northern Networking Events (NNE) expired on 30 March 2012, and following a tender process by the BCA Council, HG3 of Harrogate was selected to take over the Membership Administration from 30 March 2012, and the meeting organisation from 1 April 2013 (to organise the 2014 Spring Meeting). The contracts for both roles will expire at the same time, on 31 July 2018.

The BCA is most grateful to NNE for all their help and care over the last 12 years, and for graciously agreeing to run the Spring Meeting in Warwick from 16-19 April 2012 after the end of their formal contract. NNE will also be the conference organisers for the 2013 ECM in Warwick for us, so we will be continuing our valuable relationship with them and look forward to continuing to work with them on this exciting meeting.

As President, I would particularly like to thank Gill Moore, Jennifer Kircaldy and David Massey for their assistance with the running of the BCA, both before and during my tenure.

From 30 March 2012, the contact details for the BCA Membership Administrative services are:
BCA membership
c/o Helen Leese
HG3 Conferences
First Floor
Hornbeam House
Hornbeam Business Park
Hookstone Road
Email: bca@hg3.co.uk
Tel +44 (0) 1423 855990
Fax +44 (1) 1423 855999

Should you have any membership enquiries please do not hesitate to contact Helen.

Best wishes

Professor Elspeth F Garman
President, British Crystallographic Association