The BCA has allocated funds to provide support to develop crystallographic education and outreach activities and resources that enable others to run events. This goal will be realised through two routes and we are seeking applications for funding from members to contribute towards its development.

  • Development of resources to support Outreach activities. These can range from physical materials made available to the community via the BCA or electronic resources such as downloadable activity packs, guidance materials for conducting an exercise or software applications. These can be applicable to any age group or audience (e.g. school teachers or scout leaders are as relevant as academics!). It is expected that the funding is for the development of openly available resources so that they can be reused by anyone, however trialling and evaluating them at specific outreach events as part of a funded project is perfectly acceptable.
  • Enhancements to the site to support Outreach activities. Although we are receptive to new ideas, we will prioritise work in the following areas: an open repository of electronic materials for supporting Outreach activities; the development of an online inventory of outreach resources with capability for an individual to book out physical items; a system for anyone to register an Outreach event in a public calendar and be able to make a call to subscribers for volunteer help to conduct the activity.

Funding is available at two levels. Support may be sought for 8 week internships to fund undergraduate students to develop resources – these would normally be up to a level of £2500 for a stipend and materials. Alternatively, an individual may request funds of the order of £300 to purchase materials required to develop an activity. These costings are indicative only and a funding breakdown summary will be required as part of the application.

Applications from Early Career Researchers are encouraged, either to perform the work or to supervise an intern. However, a supporting statement is required from a supervisor to indicate that the appropriate environment to conduct the work will be provided.

Applications or enquiries should be emailed to Simon Coles ( and the closing date for the 2017 round will be 17:00 on Friday 3rd March 2017. Applications will be reviewed by the Education committee (comprising the Education and Outreach Coordinator and the education representatives from the BCA groups) and potentially in some cases also by BCA Council.

Before making any award the committee may approach you for further clarification. It is expected that an annual call for internships will be made around the end of the calendar year, however in exceptional circumstances applications may be submitted outside of this timeframe after prior communication with the Education and Outreach Coordinator. The committee will seek to balance these activities across the remits of all the BCA Groups. The Terms and Conditions of these bursary awards are published on the BCA website at

An application form can be downloaded from