IUCr Commission Nominations

Dear BCA members

The deadline for nominating members for the IUCr Commissions and Executive Committee is 31 August.

A nominator is required and as well as the usual personal details, it asks for the nominee’s qualifications, positions held and field of research.

The relevant forms are at http://www.iucr.org/iucr. I encourage you to consider nominating a UK crystallographer or consider being nominated for a position relevant to your area of expertise.
The nominations should come through the National Committee, i.e. the BCA Council.
If you have nominations to submit please send them to me at G.M.Rosair@hw.ac.uk

Current members of the Commissions are listed here http://crystallography.org.uk/iucr-reps

Harry Powell has already being nominated for the Chair of the Crystallographic Computing Commission.

Best wishes

Georgina Rosair
Secretary of the British Crystallographic Association