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Postdoctoral Opportunities

Post-Doctoral Research Associate, 19 (Single-crystal Diffraction) Diamond Light Source, Didcot, UK Deadline 25/07/2021

We now have an opportunity for a PDRA to join us on our Beamline I19 at Diamond, which is designed for small-molecule single-crystal diffraction using an intense x-ray beam (5-30 keV) to study the structural properties of materials in detail. The successful applicant will work on this state-of-the art beamline which is designed to study small and weakly diffracting crystals, for time resolved studies, for anomalous dispersion studies and for studies involving complex crystallography. The beamline became operational in October 2008 and has just undergone a major upgrade.

Suitable candidates should be familiar with the principles of synchrotron x-ray single-crystal diffraction, and they should have a strong interest in a specific area of materials science, physics, chemistry, earth sciences, engineering and pharmaceuticals. The position will involve some participation in beamline commissioning and development. Experience of single-crystal diffraction instrumentation and methodology, structure solution and refinement is essential.

The selected candidate will participate in individual or collaborative research activities on the beamline, and elsewhere, with the specific remit of developing a research theme involving advanced crystallography techniques such as electron density studies, anomalous dispersion studies, studies involving incommensurate/ modulated structures or experiments involving the use of sample-environment cells - although particularly outstanding candidates with other research interests may be considered. They will assist the beamline staff to maintain the beamline including the end-station, and provide occasional user support. The candidate must be prepared to work flexibly and should be available to carry out occasional out-of-hours duties.

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