The Biological Structures Group

The BSG Early Career Prize

The BSG will award a prize to someone who is ‘doing well’ and recently obtained a personal fellowship, a lectureship or equivalent. The award is presented at the BCA Spring Meeting and the recipient gives a prize lecture at that meeting. Please send nominations at any time to the BSG Treasurer.

Previous winners:

  • 2017 Dr Atlanta Cook (University of Edinburgh)
  • 2016 Dr Matthew Gold (University of Sheffield)
  • 2015 Dr Simon Newstead (University of Oxford)
  • 2014 Dr Simon Kolstoe (University of Portsmouth)

BCA BSG David Blow Poster Prize

The prize is awarded annually at the BCA Spring Meeting. The trophy comprises a piece of Blue John crystal mounted on an oak plinth, both items being donated by Peter Harrison, the owner of the Treak Cliff Cavern at Castleton. Full details of the prize and its history can be found here.

Previous poster prize winners

  • 2016 1st Prize Jason Wilson (University of Sheffield)
  • 2016 2nd Prize Hayley Owen (University of Sheffield)
  • 2015 David Blow Prize Gustavo Mercaldi (Sao Paulo University)
  • 2015 Rigaku Prize Hayley Owen (University of Sheffield)
  • 2014 Honorable mention Anna M Davies (King’s College London)

The Chemical Crystallography Group

The CCDC Chemical Crystallography Prize for Younger Scientists

Awarded for original research in the field of chemical crystallography or the application of crystallographic information to structural chemistry. This definition shall include advances in instrumental, experimental, theoretical or computational techniques that contribute to this field.

Previous winners

  • 2017 Dr Lauren Hatcher (University of Bath)
  • 2016 Dr Mark Warren (Diamond Light Source)
  • 2015 Dr Nick Funnell (University of Oxford)
  • 2014 Dr Lynne Thomas (University of Bath)
  • 2012 Dr Gareth Lloyd (Heriot-Watt University)
  • 2011 Dr Pete Wood (CCDC)
  • 2010 Dr Stephen Moggach (University of Edinburgh)
  • 2009 Dr Hazel Sparkes (University of Durham)
  • 2008 Dr Kirsty Anderson (University of Durham)
  • 2007 Dr Andy Parkin (University of Glasgow)
  • 2006 Dr Graeme Day (University of Cambridge)
  • 2005 Dr Anders Markvardsen (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)
  • 2004 Dr Maryjane Tremayne (Birmingham University)
  • 2003 Dr Ivana Radosavljevic Evans (Durham University)
  • 2002 Dr David R. Allan (University of Edinburgh)
  • 2001 Dr Claire Wilson (University of Nottingham)
  • 2000 Dr Jacqueline M. Cole (University of Cambridge)

The Industrial Group

Industrial Group Award

It is the intention of the BCA Industrial group to make an Industrial Crystallography Award to suitable UK crystallographers working in industry or in academic institutions. The Award will be given in recognition of a sustained contribution to industrial crystallography including crystallographic and diffraction work of all kinds.

Best talk with an industrial application at the Young Crystallographers Satellite Meeting: Previous Winners

  • 2018 Lewis Morgan (University of Oxford)
  • 2017 Phillip Maffetone (University of Oxford)
  • 2016 Claire Stubbs (University of Bath)
  • 2015 Jonathon Skelton (University of Bath)
  • 2014 Matthew Bryant (University of Bath)

The Physical Crystallography Group

PANalytical Thesis Prize for Physical Crystallography

The prize will be awarded for the best use of techniques or methods of Physical Crystallography in a successfully examined thesis submitted in the period from 1st January to 31st December.

Previous winners

  • 2016 Andrew Cairns (ESRF)
  • 2015 Joshua Makepeace (University of Oxford)
  • 2014 Alexander Hearmon (University of Oxford)

The Physical Crystallography Prize

The prize is awarded for the best recently published work by a person in the early stages of their career, working in the field of Physical Crystallography, whose research is expected to make a significant impact in the field. The award is traditionally presented at the BCA Spring Meeting and the winner gives a Prize Lecture at that meeting.

Nominations for each prize must be submitted to the Chair of the PCG-SCMP group in mid-February and the Prize will be awarded at the BCA Spring Meeting.

The Young Crystallographers Group

Parkin Prize Lecture

This recognises the outstanding achievements of the late Dr Andrew Parkin in his roles as scientist and teacher. Nominations are submitted to the YCG secretary in mid-January.

Parkin Lecturers

  • 2016 Dr Jonny Brooks-Bartlett (University of Oxford)
  • 2015 Dr Anna Warren (Diamong Light Source)
  • 2014 Dr Claire Murray (Diamond Light Source)

Durward Cruickshank Young Crystallographers’ Prize

Thanks to an extremely generous bequest from the estate of Professor Durward Cruickshank, the BCA Officers are pleased to announce the establishment of the Durward Cruickshank Young Crystallographers’ Prize to be awarded on an annual basis to a Young Crystallographer (normally with less than 3 years of post doctoral experience) who has made an outstanding contribution in any area of crystallography.

Previous winners

  • 2016 Dr Scott McKellar (University of Edinburgh)
  • 2015 Dr Jorge Sotelo (University of Edinburgh)
  • 2014 Dr Anthony Phillips (Queen Mary University of London)