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The BCA Council issued the following statement on behalf of the British Crystallographic Association.

Statement of Support for Ukraine

The British Crystallographic Association condemns the terrible attacks on Ukraine by Russian armed forces which have precipitated a rapid and enduring humanitarian crisis. We are deeply concerned about the lives and wellbeing of our fellow Ukrainian crystallographers, scientists and citizens, and the future of crystallographic science in the country.

In common with many scientific fields, crystallography has thrived and progressed through international co-operation and sharing of knowledge. We add this appeal for a rapid end to the hostilities to those of many scientific organisations, communities and scientists around the world, including many Russians who have spoken out against the war.

The BCA will endeavour to assist Ukrainian colleagues displaced by war by offering to share information for those seeking temporary positions in the UK.

How to help

Support the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal by donating to or fundraising for the Disasters Emergency Committee: https://www.dec.org.uk/

The Council for At Risk Academics offers support to academics who have been forced to flee their homes due to violence or conflict. You can support them by donating or by volunteering in some of their programmes in the UK https://www.cara.ngo/how-to-help/

Please direct any enquiries to Richard Cooper (BCA President)