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This page contains news releated to crystallographers, awards, acheivements etc. It began in October 1995 but is longer updated, more recent news is available elsewhere.
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News of crystallographers

This page is no longer ipdated, more recent news is available elsewhere.

May 2002

Congratulations to Judith Howard on her election to the Fellowship of Royal Society announced on 13 May 2002
The citation reads as follows:

Professor Judith Ann Kathleen Howard (n�e Duckworth) CBE, Professor of Chemistry, University of Durham. Professor Howard is elected as a General Candidate first because of her pioneering developments in X-ray and neutron crystallography, which have encompassed organic, organometallic and inorganic compounds, and secondly because of her major contribution to the wider chemical and crystallographic community in terms of education and public understanding.

December 2001

Congratulations to Jane Brown on the award of the 2001 IOP Guthrie Prizeand medal and of the 2001 Walter H�lg Prize of the European Neutron Scattering Association

31 December 2000

Congratulations to Professor Richard Nelmes, University of Edinburgh and Senior Visiting Fellow at CLRC, on the award of an OBE in the New Year Honours List for services to science.

Congratulations to Ken Holmes, who has been awarded the Latsis Prize 2000 by the European Science Foundation.

21 Sept 2000

Congratulations to one of our former BCA Vice Presidents.

Professor John R Helliwell is the first recipient of the 'Professor K Banerjee Endowment Lecture Silver Medal' of the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (IACS), and which was presented to him after his lecture entitled "New Opportunities in Biological and Chemical Crystallography" given at the IACS in Calcutta on 19th September 2000.

3 Nov 1999

As part of the millennium celebrations the Lord Mayor of London was host at a luncheon for 300 distinguished guests on 2 November 1999. The guests were chosen as celebreties in their fields from many areas of UK life. Among the scientists those of interest to crystallographers included
A list of Nobel prizewinners relevant to crystallography was published in the September 1997 issue of 'Crystallography News, where further information can be found and links to the Electronic Nobel Museum site where Prize Winners citations and bibilographies can be found. Details of the City of London can be found on their website.

27 Aug 98

Prof. Richard Catlow, Woolfson professor of natural philosophy at the RI since 1989 has been appointed director of the RI's Davy Faraday Research laboratory (DFRL) which claims to be the world's oldest continously operated research facility. from the RSC.s August 98 'Chemistry in Britain!

14 Aug 1998

Congratulations to Prof Judith Howard, Durham on the award of an EPSRC Senior Fellowship from 1998 to 2003

New Fellows of the Royal Society for 1998

On 14 May 1998 the Royal Society elected 40 new Fellows and 5 new Foreign members. Those of interest to crystallographers are:

19 Jan 1998

Congratulations to our IUCr99 logo designer, Malcolm McMahon, on the recent award of two prestigious prizes.

7 Jan 1998

Congratulations to our Founder Member,Lesley Dent Glasser, director of SATRO North Scotland at the University of Aberdeen, who wins the Institute of Physics Kelvin Medal and Prize for 1998 for her outstanding and prolonged contribution to the public understanding of physics, particularly in Scotland, by the managing of the financial, human and technological resources requires for running SATRO North Scotland and for organising several scientific exhibitions and festivals including SATROSHPERE, Techfest and Science on the Move. Further details in 'Physics World' Jan 1998 page 62

30 Jul 97

Congratulations to our Lonsdale lecturer of 1997, Professor Andrew Lang F.R.S., on the award of the Hughes medal for 1997 by the Royal Society

2 Jul 97

11 Nov 96

28 October 1996

Congratulations to our Treasurer, Steve Maginn, who starts his new job as Manager of the Materials Characterisation Service at the Daresbury Laboratory on 25 November 1996

30 July 1996

Congratulations to Bob Cernik, Daresbury Laboratory, who has been offered a visiting chair at Birkbeck College. The appointment comes after a long collaboration between him at Daresbury and the Department of Crystallography in the field of phase transitions, dynamic studies of industrial processes and structure anaysis of polycrystalline materials.

15 July

Congratulations to our President, Michael Glazer, who has recently been appointed to a Professorship by the University of Oxford.

28 June 96

8 Nov 95

Congratulations to Aaron Klug, on his recent award of the OM (Order of Merit) and best wishes for a successful term of office as President of the Royal Society.

3 Nov 95

Congratulations to Peter Salt on winning the Industrial Group Award 1995 for his work on clay minerals analysis including Occupational Health studies of crystalline silica.

1 Oct 95

Congratulations to Michael Hart on his appointment (October 1995) as Chairman of the National Syncrotron Light Source in New York, USA

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